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Aims of the project

The aim of this project is to develop “Keele Basic Bites” (KBB): a powerful bespoke learning tool as well as a reference resource for medical students which will take the form of a series of guided study / supplementary material video clip resources. KBB will be constructively aligned to course content, PBL cases and OSSE (practical skills) assessments and are intended to complement the scientific, behavioural and social basics of our course without replicating any of the lecture materials or compromising the PBL process. Since this is an ongoing project, we anticipate the repository of visual learning aids will grow organically, based on areas identified via continuous ongoing staff and student feedback - So please feel free to contact us with suggestions for more films!!.

Desired Outcomes

It is hoped that this project will be well received by the students and staff being ultimately be viewed as a valuable addition to the learning environment we offer here at Keele and specifically, in the Medical School. As the KBB resources develop, we aim to “gap-fill” the medical curriculum and facilitate the PBL process by targeting specific “bites” to areas of the course where feedback from staff and students indicate it might be needed or beneficial. We aim to develop KBB into an excellent teaching and learning tool that is flexible enough to be used both formatively and summatively as needs dictate throughout the year.

Why not check out our Newsletter:

Issue 1, Summer 2011 - Download PDF

Dr. Russell M. Crawford - Teaching Fellow in Biomedical Science, Keele University Medical School

Dr. Andrew Morris - Teaching Fellow in Biomedical Science, Keele University Medical School

Dr. William Stockton, Foundation Doctor & Software guru